3 Top Ways to Get More Traffic and More Sales

There is only one universal issue that hangs over the neck of every Etsy seller and threatens to drown them in the sea of unfinished products and unpaid bills.

It's not enough traffic.

Let's do the math together, OK?

An average e-commerce store (that would be your Etsy shop) converts at about 100:1.

That means that for every 100 people going through your shop (or 100 pageviews in Etsy). one person buys.

I can just hear you in my mind, going "WHAT THE *BEEP*" (yes, I just censored you. In my head.) but when we see that number, which has proven to be true for every Etsy shop I ever worked with, we can finally understand how come we have no sales.

So now, let's do the math together. Let's aim at one sale a day. How many pageviews a day would you need?

That's right, 100. Let's multiply by one month, we need to get 3000 views a month, on average.

If you see that your conversion rate (views to sales) is lower than 1%, you can troubleshoot your shop right here.

If you're more or less on point but aren't getting enough traffic to make consistent sales, I'd like to present you my favorite 3 ways of getting traffic for free and without too much hassle.

3 Reasons Etsy SEO should be the first thing you focus on in your shop

1. The method that got my shop out of the ditch: Etsy SEO

SEO, as you probably know, stands for Search Engine Optimization.

In simple terms, it is optimizing our titles, tags and variations so that Etsy understands our listing is the most relevant result for the search a customer has performed.

Here are a few things you need to make sure are in place to get started on Etsy SEO:

1. Use Marmalead to check how popular the keywords you're using are. Aim for over 25 avg. weekly views.

2. Make sure your about page, policies, shop icon and banner if you chose one are all filled up.

3. Repeat every keyword you put into your title, in your tags as well and fill up variations correctly.​